Walking Shouldn’t Feel Like an Olympic Sport!

Walking Shouldn’t Feel Like an Olympic Sport!

Keep Reading to Learn How to Not Take a Bad Spill.

Aging brings some undeniably great things, such as retirement, grandchildren, and the wisdom that only comes with a long life. However, despite these benefits, seniors also need to take precautions in order to protect their health and happiness. One of the leading causes of injury among senior citizens is falling. However, there’s no need to fret; there are plenty of ways to prevent slips, spills, and falls in the house.

Take precautions

You can prevent most falls by simply taking basic measures around the house to minimize them. For example:

  • Keep rooms and paths free of clutter and debris that can get underfoot.
  • Keep rooms well-lit with bright lighting in order to avoid unseen hazards.
  • Wear shoes or slippers with rubber soles indoors is a great idea to help with traction, and avoid walking in socks or stockings, particularly on smooth surfaces.
  • Ensure that any rugs in the house have skid-proof backs or are secured to the floor, and be sure to have a nonskid bath mat.

Purchase assistive devices and tools

Beyond the precautionary measures just listed, it’s a good idea to have some devices around the house to help prevent accidents.
Canes and walkers are always a good option, providing support and mobility. Make sure these have a solid rubber tip to ensure maximum grip and safety.
Upgrade your bathroom with a raised toilet seat with armrests, as well as grab bars and a sturdy seat for the shower or tub. On that note, it’s also an excellent idea to get a hand-held shower nozzle, which will make it possible to bathe while sitting down.

Stair lifts

Though admittedly not for everyone, another viable option for many people is to consider installing a stair lift in the home. These devices consist of a chair on a motorized track that carries the user up and down the staircase. For people with mobility issues that live in multi-level homes, a stair lift can allow them access to their entire house again, without the fear or danger of having to climb or descend potentially dangerous staircases. With both indoor and outdoor models available from numerous providers, this potentially life-saving device can be a worthwhile investment.

As important as it is for senior citizens to not let a fear of falling inhibit their enjoyment of life, it is equally important to safeguard themselves against preventable falls. By utilizing any of the aforementioned tips, tricks, and tools, seniors can dramatically reduce their chances of harm, and bring themselves – and their families – peace of mind.
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