Penny Bandy

Founder, CEO

With over 30 years in the senior care industry, Penny Bandy is a dynamic blend of fierce independence and unwavering compassion. As she works with seniors and their families, she knows that both are necessary to provide the kind of care that truly meets critical needs. 

Aging, while inevitable, is often a difficult aspect for individuals and their families to navigate. Penny’s diverse experience enables her to partner with seniors to engage this process with dignity and resources including including case management, service animals, transportation, housing and meals, medical support, companionship, and elderlaw. 

She is an expert advisor, trusted confidant, and wise friend to those she serves.

Over the course of her career, Penny has worked in a variety of settings, from nursing homes, to assisted living, to adult day care centers. She spent 18 years in the non-medical home care setting developing programs for personalized care and comprehensive plans aimed at preserving senior independence. Penny understands the value of autonomy and aims to increase the quality of life wherever seniors call home. 

While her experience shouts credibility, on a professional level, Penny holds certifications as a senior advisor and licensed administrator professional in five counties. She is a long-standing board member for CADES, the Board of Senior Information and Referral Source, the Board of O’Connor, and the Senior Companion Board. 

Penny is also a member of the CMSA and Tennessee Social Workers and maintains involvement with the American Heart Association, ALZ TN, the Knoxville Senior Center, Parkinson’s Support Group, and the Office on Aging.

As a resident of East Tennessee for over 50 years, Penny adopted the dogwood flower as the emblem of her business, identifying with its representation of hope and life. In founding ETPCS, Penny’s biggest reward is being a resource for families, answering the big questions and offering hope to families who feel lost in hopeless situations.