Bridging the Gap

A Personalized Approach for Alzheimer’s

The Bridging the Gap Program is the first step towards a brain healthy lifestyle.
It includes a personalized approach for improving your brain health, which may delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. This program was developed by Dr. John Dougherty, a Practicing Neurologist in Knoxville who follows 3500 Alzheimer’s patients.

This is a Multi-Assessment process that includes an in-home assessment by a Registered Nurse with 30+ years geriatric psychiatric experience. We are looking at overall functional status and wellness education to prevent cognitive decline. The assessment will cover everything from activities of daily living, medical history, risk factors, nutrition and exercise.

By taking your answers to create a personalized plan of action to target specific areas of your brain, you will establish a baseline for us to monitor and adapt the plan accordingly.

Early screening allows you to maximize your cognitive abilities, address any underlying physical health issues, and if necessary start treatments early when they are most effective.

Just like one goes to their Doctor for a mammogram, prostate, vision or hearing test, you need to make it a priority to assess your brain health annually. It may take several months to get an appointment with a specialist. The Bridging the Gap program allows you to start on the path for a healthy brain lifestyle.

  • In-Home Assessment with Cogself Test (screening for six cognitive domains)
  • Full Functional Assessment (for memory, instrumental ADLs, past & present illnesses, driving questionnaire, mood evaluation & home safety)
  • Comprehensive Results & Report
  • Communication with Your Primary Care Provider
  • Appointment with Registered Dietitian
  • Nutrition & Exercise Recommendations
  • Better Brain Health Book
  • Follow-Up Conversations

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